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Have you ever wondered what hides in that forgotten jar in the corner? Didn't you used to have more pencils than this?
Meet the wormlings, captured creatures
that live amongst the junk.

Wormlings began as a way to make use of offcuts leftover from costume or prop commissions. They are made with scrap materials discarded from other projects or industries, and are housed in a variety of second-hand or scavenged containers. Every one is unique and serves to keep a little more out of landfill.
As such, some containers or environment items will have damage or corrosion from their previous life.

Please choose carefully if this is a concern to you.

Click the eyeball to visit the Wormling gallery on Facebook

wm wmlg 2021 nest detail.jpg
wm wmlg 0 babies.jpg
wm wmlg 2021 oil detail.jpg
wm wmlg 2022-01 pencil group.jpg
wm wmlg 2022-21.jpg
wm wmlg 2022-17 0.jpg
wm wmlg 2022-20 0.jpg
wm wmlg 2021 nest detail.jpg
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